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Bobcat Urine, Bobcat Gland Lure, Trap Drags, Raccoon and Coyote trap line

bobcat trap bobcat trappingI just got and watched Clint’s Cat Collector dvd, and am sure glad I did. Where does he get the urine that he uses, and did he say Tracker drags was what he uses. I am going to watch the Teachers in the night Coyote dvd tonight. Thanks Larry P.
Larry, I normally get my bobcat urine from F&T  or Okie Cable and Traps Supply from OK. The drags I use are called Saber Tooth drags. I find them to stop animals sooner than the Tracker Drags. Tracker Drags from J.C. Conner are well-built drags, but not as heavy or aggressive as the Saber Tooth Drags. You can get these drags from F&T. 

Hey Clint I’ve spoke with you before and was wondering if you would voice your opinion on a subject I’ve been intrigued about. 
I’m 18 years old and work for a fur buyer so I have the luxury of unlimited time off to pound whatever it is I’m after. I focused mainly on coon early then switched over to mink trapping for 3 days when I had the chance. I’ve always liked to kill a few coyotes also and I know it really opens up ground for a guy around here. So my question to you is what is your opinion on running a mixed line? I’ve heard mostly negative things about having my fish stink hip boots on while digging dirt holes. Hearing this has caused me to not try to pick up these extra dollars while I’m stopped at a location. Do you think it is wise to kill both while at a spot or forget the canines and smack in more coon sets.
Thanks for reading my long winded story,

it is fine to do. I would recommend setting nothing but raccoon sets. Once that raccoon line is done, fill in with your coyotes sets. Then you will just be checking traps. This way you can think raccoon trapping and have nothing but raccoon trapping gear. Then you can go after coyotes and only think coyotes with coyote gear, but you will be checking both lines at same time. The trouble comes into play when you tray to set both up at same time. When you do this, both lines suffer and takes forever to get out a full productive line. I call this a progressive line. If you search back through Trapping Radio Shows, I have a whole show on this topic.
Hey I wonder if you guys could give me a tip about setting a trap in rainy 
weather or wet ground in general.  It has rain a lot here and when I set a trap 
with my sifter it is just a bunch of tiny mud balls.  Is there anything I can do 



When the rain and mud is deep, forget a dirt pattern. It is always a pain. Bed the trap in peat moss and cover with grass or leaves. You can use the dirt….mud to guide the animal over your trap.  This way you can pull out the loose dirt in one direction and place trap not in loose dirt, but in grass or leaves. The animal will stay out of the mud and step on what they think is solid ground.

On your cat collector at dirt hole do you use a lure ? thanks

It is Cat Collector lure, then I will use a shot of bobcat urine or bobcat glad lure. Cat Collector is my main lure at the set. Saying that, I want to always a bobcat body odor at a set. This is the bobcat urine or the gland lure.


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  1. Hi Clint, my state has a 6” maximum jaw spread for land traps and I am on a budget what trap would you recommend for bobcats also what lure would you recommend. Thanks for the help on the stretchers.

    • I would say the #3 Montana or #3 sleepy creek longspring with a big pan. The lure I personally use is Cat Collector, so that is what I would recommend.

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