dog proof trapping, lure bait, trapping videos — December 26, 2013 at 4:38 pm

Coon Crack, Dog Proof Trap lure, deadly, deadly, deadly!


freedom brand dog proof trap lureIf you looking for a Dog Proof Trap lure or you are looking for something to top off your own raccoon bait, COON CRACK is what you want to use. It is sweet, taste great to raccoons and has a kicker that no other raccoon lure has.  We have added a Neurotransmitter stimulant to COON CRACK ( no B.S.) Once a raccoon gets this lure into its mouth, the stimulant cranks up the coon and he WILL not want to stop eating COON CRACK.

COON CRACK is also a great add-on to topping off your own dog proof trap bait. If you use cat food, dog food, sweet feed or anything else. You can top off the cheaper bait with COON CRACK and get a super response from raccoon that you are looking for, with a fraction of the cost.

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