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Coyote and bobcat trapping, dirt hole , flat sets, thoughts from Hank


My learning experience with coyote trapping year one 2012 I had bought 12
Bridgers offset fully modified to try to catch a bobcat with, I gave up and the
quotas was filled I only had a short amount of time two weeks for the Iowa
season to catch the bobcat. So I turned my attentions to the coyotes. I had made
two sets in a corn field Both dirt hole sets and five days later I was totally
surprised with two Coyotes using Blackies gland lure. So with bit of surprise
all my attention got turned to the yotes I was excited. The sets were made on a
tree point by this I mean a little ditch coming out into the cornfield maybe a
150 yards long I put 1 set out at the end the other on the southerly corner.
Okay I am getting ahead of my self the river runs north to south the little
point runs east to west. I had always jumped coyotes and had seen a lot of sign
in this area. So know that you got a little better view of the area I thought
the trap at the end of the point was the spot! Wrong the spot in the corner
caught 4 of my 12 coyote for the year.

coyote trapping dirt holeOkay now I am super pumped ready for action I put out maybe 8 to 10 set after
that a little intimidated but going to try on a drive way going to one field to
another I made a dirt hole and a flat set. By this time it’s getting cold and I
need to freeze proof my trap. So I go to my f&t catolog and I make a judgement
call to buy wax dirt. This was a very smart move though I hated buying dirt
sound pretty dumb no one is saying i am smart. So I bed these 2 traps the dirt
hole was my main agenda I made sure it was bedded touch the corner no movement
super excited about this one I even put a little dried grass on the set to make
it blend looked awesome going to catch one . So on the other side of the drive I
made a flat set I pulled in a bunch of grass and corn stalks and made a little
mound bedded my trap pulled dry grass up and blende it . How in the world am I
going to catch a coyote on this but put my gland lure at the edge of the Pile.
Okay the first day I am absolutely disgusted my dirt hole trap is tripped no
coyote run to my flat set traps not tripped run back to the dirt hole about 35
yard apart and start looking for sign , deer , the deer hate the coyote gland and
stomped it out the next 3 night the same till the 4 th night the flat set that I
thought ould never catch anything a coyote I checked the trap at 5 in the
morning it was only a 1/4 mile from the house and the big old male coyote was
barking his head off at me ohhhhhh what a rush I called my wife Christina and let
her listen she thought I was messing with her but oh was I so adrenalin rushed
there is nothing like that I got my 22 rifle out and dropped the clip because I
was shaking so bad, first coyote in dark dead dog down after a few minutes of
calming my self down. This set ended up paying up 3 more times with the dirt hole
finally catching one after the deer quite stomping it out. Okay know here was
the last coyote of the year I was pulling traps on January 31 2013 and i pulled
up to the flat set /dirt hole set I was just talking about we had a big snow big
drift from all the wind that night not a lot of frost in the ground so I was
pulling my earth anchor with a log chain and the pickup pulled the dirt hole
full of regret on it back up to the flat set jump out of the truck walked to the
back of the truck boooooom the snow blew up like some one let dynamite scared
the living crap out of me but there stood a coyote so after dispatching the Yote
cleaning out my pants it was the best end to a year I could hope for I ended up
catching 10 coyote 0 bobcats but learned a whole lot. I don’t know about the no,
I figure I was just learning but thought 12 traps probably the most out at 1
time was 6-8 I did pretty good . Mind set for next year was 80 to 90% for amount
of trap I had.

2013-2014 season
I watch a whole lot of coyote DVDs you tube read a little but was super wired
probably a little too much yah that’s me. So I get home October 10 from being in
Alaska for the summer working listen too a lot about trail cams so I put mine
out. I had bought some federally bait from Locklear lure wanted to give it a try
so got my Blackies gland lure my Federales and went to a new piece of property
that I got to trap along with the camera. Went to the end of a long water way
draw with a little bit of brush in the front it was all mowed perfect from randy
smith video , I got the hole dug made a trap bed in front so I could see tracks
and the camera up it was perfect. It was the next day I went back I had 37
videos you have never saw know one more excited put a new chip in and spun the
tires trying to get home to see what was on it. Well guess what I found the best
deer lure ever all the video were of buck big one does fawns and they were all
sniffing the dirt hole. It took me back to my dirt hole I was so proud of I bow
hunt but this ridiculous . 3 day video at least 30 a night of these stupid deer
agin the 4 th night it paid off after about 5 deer video or so I got a predator
to come in a badger a big one I got 3 video of him he keep workin the set like
he was chasing something off 4 th video I found out what a coyote whoo hoo I got
one on camera now this coyote was concerned about this badger awesome video he
run back and fourth across the screen to make sure badger was gone works the
dirt hole perfect I was a pro! Wrong wrong wrong after that I pulled everything
just waiting for season history was going to repeat it self I was positive. It
did when season came I made a flat set close put the trap in the dirt hole lured
and baited it and the deer had a hay day tripping my traps. Luckily a 1/4 mile a
way a cross a gravel rd there was the same scenario I done exactly the same sets
thinking I was wasting my time I was going to catch all the coyote on location A. Ok
here my sign dummy for some reason or another I ended up catching 12 coyote over
at site b and nothing in site A still haven’t figured that one out. Well I had
bought another 12 Bridger fully modified and laminated and 6 k.b. 5.5 so I go on
first day of season I used Kb on my cat sets and was rewarded with my first cat
day 2 day my wife caught her cat and we were done with that one cat per season
per trapping license. Back to coyote I need 28-30 coyote to meet my average for
last year i now have 24 Bridger 6 Kb 5.5. Boy oh boy my work cut out for me I
made my own wax dirt and with what was in store for me I was going to need it.
Here we go first day of season warm but freezing occasionally at night what to
do. I figured I do half and half. Regular dirt v.s. Wax dirt I have done a lot
of wrong thing this was one. It was very obvious that every time it froze the
coyote walked all over my set with regular dirt. Now the wax dirt was not much
better they dug me up not the trap just my pan covers and they would either rip
them to shreds or take them about 10 feet off now I am disgusted the trap in dry
dirt with no pan cover still bedded solid the regular dirt ones are so frozen I
got to take a claw hammer to get them up. Now not all my wax dirt trap have been
hit but maybe 3 were dug up my thought let it ride. Not really knowing what to do
I had no other option looking back with new info I was using speed dip to die my
traps it was not real dry but didn’t smell to me. Listening to a conversation I
heard about dips they say petroleum product produce digging I had done
everything in my power to keep my pan cover scent free my gloves were always
taken off when I applied lure so don’t really know yet new experience for next
year going to try it. So as the fall wears on I pull the traps with regular dirt
they were set along ways off road I had pulled the coon traps in that area so I
didn’t want to drive in for time management. Okay the traps with the dry dirt
finally connect had 3 ft, of twist chain on the Kb 5.5 it was shined up with a
big old dog coyote here comes the kid in me first Yote of the year it was at
spot b and not a of course I had dispatch a coyote the year before by shooting
him in the chest and did not believe how fast he had went down so this year I
was using 22 shorts it worked perfectly the coyote went down passed on and no
blood. I am still thinking I am a pro laughing the whole time of course. Okay
get the coyote out of trap take him to a near by tree skin him through his body
in the brush. Remake time re-bedded the Kb and re lured the set back in action.
It produced 12 coyote for the season never-changing traps.
Then the last coyote was frozen in the trap his foot was balled up with mud so
I had another Kb that was dipped in speed dip and changed out traps from there
on not another coyote got any where near the trap they worked the back of the
dirt hole or the side or just stayed out 3 ft or so I know this by looking at the
track in the snow still puzzled going to do thing a little different this year.
I am going to try full metal jacket let ya know how that turns out. The winter
was terrible in Iowa and freezing condition made it tough but I lived through
it. I still have a smile on my face and when you quit learning you quit living
in my opinion . I wrote this story for a reason to make my self a better
trapper. I have read it 4 or 5 times I go back and think about thing I done and
it make you look at mistake in what you have done Clint Locklear challenge me or
any one , in a trapping radio show to do this,I believe I have learned a lot by
just writing it. Try it, it might make you a better trapper!!!!!!

Thanks Hank

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