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fish meal for coyote trapping, bobcat trapping difference and starting a wildlife control business


coyote trail scentOn the Coyote Dirt Hole DVD you mentioned using fish meal around the set and I was wanting to know how much you would use on a dirt hole set like the one on the DVD with the coyotes..A handful just scattered around to create curiosity and a milling effect to get them wondering around ???? The trailing scent you mention on that DVD and then later on this DVD or one of the other ones you state that you don't know if you are going to market it or not...Have you decided to market it???? One way or the other is there any way to find out what is used as a base or an ingredient that would be in it ??? M.M.

I would use about a hand full of fish meal up and down the coyotes travel way  to get him to start thinking …food and the get him to get into the mood a little about working the set. I personally like the idea of a coyote coming in contact with some odor before the set itself. It gives him a chance to settle down a bit. I may be wrong about this, but it seems to work.
I do not sale the coyote trailing scent that was in the video, it would cost more than trappers would want to pay and it would be hard to come up with enough of the ingredients once a lot of trappers where using it.
The base of the trailing scent is based on some Bill Nelson ideas. I would take a bucket, add about 10 percent of the bucket with ground up fresh mice…. not big barn rats. Add rain or well water to it. You need to leave some head space about 20 percent of bucket. DO NOT add anything to the mice, let them rot down in the water till it gets rank but not supper rotten. Strain out the mice and a few cups of sodium benzoate and let sit for about 10 days to calm down. This will work as is, but there are things you can add to super charge it. Those ingredients, you will have to figure out on your own.

I'm interested in Clint's DVD on bobcat trapping… in understand that it's done in Texas. I live and trap in north Idaho, much different terrain than the south… are the technic discussed effective in thick, mountainous and snowy terrain? Thanks Mike  

Not really, the system would be the same. Have lots of guys using it in MT and UT in the mountains and doing well. I do not trap in snow anymore myself, so the snow is something you would have to work out. If you follow the system in the video, snow or no snow, it will catch more cats. This is because of the control issues of a bobcat. This does not change by state of the weather.
Dear Predator Control Group,
My name is V. and I have a big question which still can not find an answer, hope you can help me.
I am a healthy 50 years old man, who loves outdoor activities, my kids are already independent.
Now I would like to focus the rest of my life in predator control activities, 
I have not great expectations about money, as I said just want to dedicate the rest of my life to my passion which is eliminate predators.

I will thank you for ever if you can tell me what to do to achieve this goal in my life.

God bless you,

Predator control is no different than any other service based business. The same principles apply. You must have the skill set to perform for your customer. This can be had from trapping a lot, personal instruction or a trapping school. You can get a start with some dvd’s and books. The only real way to get good at your craft is to beat on it all the time till it is mind and muscle memory.
The trapping part is the easy part of predator control.
The harder part for most folks is to think like a entrepreneur and not an employee. Running a business is not a natural thing to do for most people. This skill set is not taught in school and not even in college. Trapping is a skill set, running a business is a learning process for every one.
Just like an business, you need paying customers. So who will be your customers. This needs to be very, very, very specific. Landowners, hunters, hunting clubs and such is not narrowed down enough. Unless you have a vault of money, you will not be able to reach …everybody that might be a customer. You need to target customers and have a way to weed out the customers that are not going to get you to your goal, what ever that may be. I personally trap for a very small niche in the deer hunting world. I don’t spend a dime to reach anyone out of this niche. So first off, you need to know who your customer is, then become an expert on everything that is important to that customer. Then you will need a game plan to reach that customer….marketing.
After that, you will need to come up with ways to meet your customers. This need to be in some form of a way that you are giving them value, even if they never use you as a trapper.
This response may not be what you where looking for, but it is the right one. Trust me on this one, these are the reasons most guys that get into predator control continue to struggle. They think trapping is important and it is only about 20% of the important part of starting and running a Predator Control Business.
My advise is to give yourself a self education, just like Thomas Jefferson gave himself, read, read, read business books. Study people that have a thriving business. You can find all kind of e-books and podcast for small business you can listen to for free on line. I listen to several business podcast per week as I make lure and go from one job to the next. I read 20-30 business books a year. I have read several hundred by now. Business education is the key.
Your business is trapping, but trapping is only a small part of having a ADC trapping business.
Good luck out there,
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