dog proof trapping, trapping videos — December 26, 2013 at 5:24 pm

Freedom Brand Dog Proof Trap catch in swamp with Saber Tooth Drag


Freedom brand raccoon trapI posted a trapping video showing me setting two Freedom Brand Dog Proof Traps in a beaver swamp on my home trap line. I knew that raccoons use the beaver dams to hunt and cross the swamp, so I used the beaver dam as the raccoon trail itself. The next day, we had a catch in the Freedom Brand traps. I used the Saber Tooth drags for speed and to keep my raccoon trapping system quick and fast. The really cool thing about this catch is that even with water on each side of the raccoon, he was kind enough to climb a tree and stay dry for me. The other thing to keep in mind is that the raccoon had a ton of leverage on the Freedom Brand DP trap. Even with all the leverage the raccoon had, the trap did not slip any, not one little bit. That is one reason I like these traps as much as I do. It is a blessing to use such a well designed dog proof trap.

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  1. not wet no mud hell that ain’t rite ? I love the freedom brand coon trap .

  2. Sir,

    Saw your coon trapping episode Pursuit this morning.

    Where can a person purchase these traps?

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