dog proof trapping — January 2, 2014 at 11:45 pm

Johnny C. nailed a Raccoon is his new Freedom Brand Dog Proof Traps with coyote bait


First coon with a dp the freedom brand did its job caught it off Federales and little fish oil ..Also put some duck feathers on top the trap.

freedom brand dog proof trap raccoon trap


Most of us in the country are getting some nasty cold weather. That just comes with trapping. For most raccoon trappers, the catch goes way down. This can be for many reasons. One, is that raccoons don’t react to super sweet lures and baits like they used to in early fall.

When the cold weather reaches me in TN, which is much later than most of you, I switch raccoon baits. I learned this on a line away from home several years ago. I was road trapping in West Tennessee, back when that was legal. It got cold, a lot of ice and below freezing for several days. The raccoon catch dropped. I also ran out of my sweet fish based lure/bait mixture I was using. All I had with me was some coyote predator bait. I did not much faith in the predator bait for my raccoons, but I went with it. I was shocked at how the catch came back to life.

So if the weather is getting cold, sometimes your line needs a new baiting strategy. I personally go with Federales Bait with a shot of COON CRACK over the meat based predator bait. This is about the only way I know to keep the raccoons working my Freedom Brand DP traps. Give it a try, you might be as surprised as I was all those years ago.

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