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Setting Freedom Brand Dog Proof Trap for raccoons on beaver dam


Freedom Brand Dog proof traps

I am setting some of my Freedom Brand Dog Proof Traps in a beaver swamp. Some of these swamps will have Raccoon trails. Raccoons hunt a lot in beaver swamps and around beaver ponds. If you see ans find the raccoon trails, set your dog proof traps RIGHT IN THE TRAIL. This is key.

If you do not see a smoking hot raccoon trail to set, the beaver dams will act like a raccoon trail. Raccoons do not like to get in cold water unless there is a reason. Most of the time the reason will be food or a way to get to food. Beaver dams are dry and out of the water. So raccoon will use them just like we use a main road. So the beaver dam is the raccoon trail a lot of time. Coons will use short dams like bridges and long dams like interstates. So you job as a raccoon trapper is to set a few Dog Proof Traps on the short dams and really load up the long beaver dams that snake through a beaver swamp or flow. 

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  1. I learn something new with each visit! Great stuff Clint. Keep up the great work!!

  2. Will the coons eat the Federales? I know they like the smell but didn’t know how they would react to the taste.

    • They will, the odor is strong, but my dog will eat out of the buckets of Federales if I turn my back for a moment. She likes the taste, because she gets all excited when I bottle it into jars and she hope a bit hits the ground. When it gets cold, I go with Federales and coon crack in my DPs.

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