beaver trapping, Otter Trapping, Trapping TV — January 21, 2014 at 11:45 pm

How to trap beaver and otter on dam crossover, Brandon Johnson from Trapping TV


Brandon Johnson trapping tvCheck number 8 down in here in the South, the next couple weeks I am going to to be giving you guys and gals a trapping tip with each days check. today I am going to talk about otter and beaver cross overs, on say a pond dam with a creek coming out of it. When you are setting a cross over like this up I always like two use two 330 body grip traps, one on each water way of the dam. The reason I do this is because sometimes a beaver or an otter will come up one side and not go dowm the other. It might go to the top and mess around a bit and go use another cross over. If it didn’t get come out of the water on the side that you did not have the set that $100.00 wont be in your pocket. Another reason is you wont catch doubles if you only set one trap!

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