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To trap and catch more raccoon use different baits when it gets cold and late in the season


raccoon trapping lure and baitRaccoon trapping is normally the anchor animal that is trapped by most folks. It has also replaced the muskrat as the animal most new trappers sink their teeth into as they get started trapping. Raccoons are a neat animal for sure, a lot of trappers do not respect them because they SEEM easy to catch. They show up in traps that are not set for them, so they seem like a opossum sometimes. This is not true and I can prove it. Most places around the country have a lot of raccoons to catch. They are in the woods, in the valleys, on the mountain tops, in swamps, on the rivers and in the city. So they all over the place and most of the time in high numbers. So if they are all over the place and in high numbers, why don’t most trappers catch 300-1,000 a year if they keep traps out all season. If a trapper runs traps for 90 days, it only takes 3.3 raccoon a day to hit 300 raccoon. To catch 1,000 raccoon, the trapper needs to catch 11.1 raccoons a day over a 90 day season. Most trappers live in an area that can handle them catching 3-11 raccoon a day, but it does not happen often, why? For one catching some raccoon is very different from catching a lot of raccoon. Kind of like beaver trappers that catch a few dozen otter, but never join the 100 plus otter club. catching some and catching a lot of something is not the same. It is the same animal, same traps and even the same trap sets. Just because someone catches some of something has nothing to do with having the ability, skill or drive to rack the up in number. You will find out that guys that do catch a lot of raccoons or anything else, don’t treat the target animal like a dumb butt animal.  They understand that nothing is as simple as it seems.

The title of the post was about different baits and lures for raccoon, so why the rant above? Well,…… it matters!

Most guys or girls that trap some raccoon, look at lure and bait with blinders on. Raccoons will eat anything, so just use anything. If a raccoon will eat anything what does it matter what is down a dog proof trap, dirt hole, in a pocket or in a cage trap? I can tell that a lot of bait and lure makers think this way by what they sell. It is sad and it is not constructive to a trapper that wants or needs to catch a lot of raccoon. Cat food is cheap, fish is free, but is it the best baits and odors to catch a lot of raccoons? Not really.

Most raccoon lures and baits are sweet-smelling. They reek of cherry and anise oils. They are proven raccoon takers, no question. Over the years most raccoons baits follow the same odor range……sweet. I’m not saying raccoons don’t like sweet things they do, but sweet is not the Holy Grail of raccoon odors by any stretch of the imagination. Sweet only lures and baits have a down side and it can be ugly for the trapper. Sweet does not push out in the air when the temperature drops to freezing or less. The chemical make up of sweet can’t reach out and talk to raccoons like other things. Saying that, sweet odors do work like a champ early in the season before the water turns hard and the frost grows up. Can you see a problem here, most trappers only have a few days to a couple of weeks before winter makes a stand and settles in. This year it was days!

Sweet can be enhanced with push additives like sour or rank. The sour and rank will push out in the cold air and the sweet can piggy back on the louder odors. So for lures, you need to have some raccoon lures that have sour or rank back odors once winter settles in. The same goes for baits.

Raccoon are predators and the trapper should never forget this. They hunt and scavage just like a coyote to some degree. Once it gets cold, drop the supper sweet smells and treat a raccoon like the predator he is. I can tell you that if you go to more coyote, fox or bobcat baits on your raccoon line, your catch will increase a few weeks after the season starts once the chill sets in. This is what I have found anyway. I learned this years ago when my pet raccoon bait was used up on an out of state trap. I have some Primal Paste Bait and Gator Bait with me. I used what I had and prayed, my prayers were answered. The coon catch jumped up. I was surprised to say the least. Because coyote bait was very different that I was using at the time, sweet bait.  I think the coyote style bait could reach out on the cold air and speak sweet promises to the raccoons.

So if the weather turns cold, don’t be afraid to grab some coyote, fox or bobcat baits and lures, you catch will think you. Now my go to combination in Federales Bait topped off with COON CRACK. For me, this is a deadly combo in dog proof traps and pockets style sets.

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  1. Thanks Clint. I have been reading a lot of the same and going to give it a try. I have your dvd “high performance snaring” and it is good stuff. thanks

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