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Trapping Tips, Coyote and Fox lure, Belisle and Bridger 330 body grip traps, big dirt holes for bobcats and coyotes



HI Clint,
I received all the below lures and bait.
 Boss Dog is a lure, you say I can use it by it self?  Or should I use it with bait.  You mention to always use bait for coyotes.  Here is my understanding
1)  use boss dog with federales
1)  use Yote Dope with other bait??  federales??
2)  use Boss Dog by itself
I am in an area where I would like to make one type of set for both Fox or Coyote.  What is the best combo if you had to choose?
would you sprinkle red fox urine on coyote and fox sets also?
Thanks for all this help!

Yes, you can use Boss Dog by itself. I also use it with bait like Frederales. I always want to use bait with a coyote set. Saying that, you don’t have to use bait at all sets and you will still catch coyotes. I have found that coyotes will hang around set longer if I use bait .
For fox, I would use Federales bait by itself most of the time. If you are putting in more than a few traps in a small area like a 20 acres, I would then add a small amount of Boss Dog or Yote Dope. Even though Yote Dope in made for coyotes any red fox or grey fox will work it. They will work Yote Dope even more in January and February. It has to due to the ingredients and breeding season.
For just coyotes, use the bait and use either Boss Dog or Yote Dope. You are not going to turn off a coyote or fox with what you are using. One thing to keep in mind with coyotes is the importance not to use the same single thing over and over. Like you could use a road kill house cat or deer scraps at a few sets and then use lure. On a couple…depending on how many sets you have out, you could use just house cat, deer scraps or even a fresh bream fish. Coyotes cover a lot of ground and they don’t respond well to the same smell in every set. I can tell you are looking for best practices or a single formula with bait and lure. This would be nice, but trapping does not work that way. You might find Yote Dope to out catch Boss Dog in your area. The best thing for a newer trapper to do is the keep records and see what lure and bait gets action. Notice i did not say catch. What you are looking for it what the coyotes and fox like to work. A newer trapper will have a lower catch ratio, which is normal. This will get higher over time.
The real secret to lure and bait is to get them in a hole or on a flat set with a trap guarding them. Then learn from the animals.
Good Luck,
Really enjoy your site. I've learned a lot and have a ways to go. I would like to buy a couple of quality 330's to start trapping beaver. Which trap should I look at considering jaw design, springs, maintenance free, etc. Thanks for the help with this. I want to get it right the first time, then add traps later. Thanks for the help with this purchase. Grady

First off I have used about all brands of 330 body grip traps, they all work and catch beaver and otter. You asked about quality, so i will give you my take. My 330 of choice and what I use first from my inventory is the Super X Belisle. It is a closing jaw trap….which holds more fur. It is a full 10″ square jaw spread, not 10″ x 9″ like some traps. It also has great safety catches… you will be grateful for this. The springs are strong and stay that way. I would buy them new, there were some early models that had some trigger/dog set up’s that did not work that well. This is the trap I use, because it is nothing but quality and always works great.

Saying that, I have been hearing about the newer  330 Bridger Magnum Double Spring Body Grip Trap, the company that produces them is in MN. I don’t know if trap is made in USA or not, but the company is American and Belisle is made in Canada. I have nothing against Canada, but do like supporting American companies. What I am hearing about the 330 Bridger is nothing but good. It also is also a complete closing jaw trap and has good safety catches that don’t fall off easy. the springs are strong. I have some professional trapping friends that use these and rave about them. That is what I will be buying when I need to some new 330 or 280 body grip traps. They will run you about $20.00 each and the Belisle run about $26.00 each.

I don’t think you will be sorry with either one of these traps. The thing about running a lot of body grip traps, the details of the trap stand out more over time and number of traps run in a day. I also like quality, because the details are put in the quality traps.


big dirt hole for coyote bobcatClint I liked your idea about using the power auger so I recently bought one out here in Kansas to use on my trap line but the smallest bit the manufacturer recommend to use with that unit was 6 inches And it was the smallest size auger that was available to buy with the power head at tractor supply.
Do you think I should try to find a different one that can go down to work with 4 inch Auger bit like the one you mentioned you use in your Cat DVD that I bought from you?
I know you’re a big proponent of “big dirt holes” but the 6 inch auger makes holes that are 6-8 inches In diameter.
Was wondering if this was just a little too big for all of my bobcat and coyote dirt hole sets out here in Kansas?
Would greatly appreciate your thoughts And input on this.
Kind regards,
Mike L.

I’m an American man, I like all things big :)

I use the 4 inch auger bit, because they is the biggest they had when I bought mine. It will make a 4-5 inch hole for me in most ground. The down side is that in hard ground, the 4 inch bit is too big to get a bite and dig in sometimes. I would like to use a 6 inch bit, but for where I find myself trapping, it would not dig in. The smaller bits seem to be able to get in the ground better in harder ground.

So the big question for you is, what is the ground like where you trap. If you are in more sandy soil, you will be fine. If its hard ground, you will not be able to use the 6 inch auger everywhere you want to use it. The perfect all around size seems to be a 3 inch bit. It digs in well, and I can quickly shave the side of the hole to get a bigger dirt hole without working to hard. The best thing I can recommend is to go use it and see what your ground tells you is the best size to use.

As far as big holes for bobcats, oh yes I like them big and nasty. i want a bobcat or coyote to be able to see them and all the dirt from a long ways off. I think about 6-8 to be the best size when I can get them into the ground. As far as a big hole being to big for a coyote or a bobcat, maybe if you get it up to  a couple of feet wide. badgers and groundhogs make 6-8 inch holes and I always see coyote and bobcat tracks all over them


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  1. Not sure if the earthquake fishtail point auger bits will fit a stihl powerhead, but I bored lots of 6″ holes when the ground was frozen solid a foot down this winter with one.

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